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Boiling Crowd

Boiling Crowd Whisky

Boiling Crowd is another addition to our line of premium beverages. The idea to release another whisky came up when we wanted to revamp our signature taste of whisky with a different taste and a packaging that represents a whiskey made to be consumed in a group. Through a process of continuous brainstorming and visiting suppliers to find the perfect blend of different ingredients, Boiling Crowd was made possible through rigorous efforts towards making sure that this is a level above our previous creations while still keeping it affordable for the average consumer.

Boiling Crowd
Fire Water

Fire Water Whisky

The name ‘Fire Water’ caters to the likings of hardcore Whisky enthusiasts. At Black Short India Limited, we planned to pave our way into the bars and liquor stores with our premium branded alcohol beverages as we stood by the quality and work that made Fire Water Whiskey possible. This was the stepping stone to our imminent success in the Indian market owing to our work ethic and prompt response to feedback from our customers as we seek to consistently meet our customers’ expectations with our service and product quality.

Fire Water Whiskey
Stay On Whiskey

Stay On Whisky

Stay on whisky aims to blend the nightlife with a life of adventure and courage as Black Short India brings another addition of high-quality premium whiskies. We wanted to capture the Indian market with a line of products where each product is in a class of its own. Given our ambitions, we moved on to set a realistic expectation of Stay On whisky’s performance and continued to work in a positive direction in order to gain traction in the market when it comes to our marketing and positioning our brand.

stay on

Scotsman Beer

Scotsman beer is a testament to Black Short’s comprehensive research and refinement towards premium and unadulterated beverages that are bound to garner the appreciation for an undying enthusiasm for premium taste. Every ounce of this beer is brewed using the highest standards which is what makes it irresistible.


Hagship Beer

Hagship Beer is the perfect companion for everything from road trips to nightclubs. Serving a niche is of great importance to us with this one as we bring you the best beer you have ever laid your eyes on. With a packaging that allows you to carry your favorite drink in the form of a bottle or a can, we ensure the highest amount of pleasure you’ve experienced from consuming a beer.

Hagship Beer

Ustra Rum

Ustra Rum is a beverage that generally originates from the Caribbean and is distilled from sugar cane. Our journey began by finding and sourcing the best quality sugar cane that we could find and find a way to make it taste better than the rums provided by the best brands. This led us to procure and analyze data regarding the best places to get our raw materials from. After rigorous research and testing various types of spirit samples, we zeroed in to develop our own Rum that is carefully aged to give it a unique color and taste signature.

Boiling Crowd


Black Short Vodka is a beverage developed to display the unlimited potential that can be achieved through refinement and perseverance. We believed in our journey of being one of the most engaging brands and pushed ourselves to sell only those products that are worth the investment of your time and money. With this, we envisioned the launch of our signature Vodka. Vodka is generally a drink that is meant to stimulate your senses with an element of sharp flavors.

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Our Story

Our journey started from India in 2017 when a vision was conceived to make Black Short the global leader and a perfect choice for consumers in the alcohol industry. We wanted to test the water gather valuable feedback from the market with the release of Scotsman & Hagship Beer. Our very first step into the industry saw the launch of our ‘Hagship Beer’ and ‘Stay On Whiskey’ in the Indian states of Odisha and West Bengal in 2022 . Ever since then, our alcoholic beverages and beers are a staple for hangout sessions.

This propelled us to expand our capabilities to more Indian states of Assam in October 2022, Goa (touted as the Party Capital of India) in the year 2023, and finally in the state of Uttar Pradesh in Sep 2022. 

We proud ourselves on our extensive range of alcoholic beverages offered by our brands including Whisky, Vodka, Beer, and Rum. We have developed a superior understanding of our production process, achieving efficiency while still maintaining the utmost quality. Years of work that we put into the distillation process has given us an edge at producing our alcohol with a taste that is unique to Black Short. We have made sure to source the raw materials from only the best places for our beverages so whenever you pick up a bottle coming from Black Short, you know you’re having the best.


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