Corporate Social Responsibility

Black Short prioritizes causing an impact with its Corporate Social Responsibility campaigns. We focus on building systems that will allow us to decrease our carbon footprint, help the weaker sections of the society and positively impact the environment through our continuous efforts and financial dedication. Our company assumes the responsibility of reinvesting its resources into the society for this society has provided us with the resources that we thrive on and to enable a better tomorrow. We have worked tirelessly to build communities that aid us in carrying out environmental, social, and philanthropic campaigns. Black Short seeks to put our consumers and the society we operate in first, therefore, at our core, we promote welfare and prosperity for all. We believe that since the biggest asset for a business is its customers and people who place their trust in it, it becomes a company’s moral responsibility to give back and invest a significant part of its profits into making sure that those customers are being taken care of. Every one of our CSR campaigns is designed purposefully to ensure that it is benefiting the sustainability of the environment or the people living in it. We go above and beyond with the level of resources we have and synergize communities along all walks of life to help reach our short-term and long-term social goals. Corporate Social Responsibility calls for a philosophy that drives creativity, empathy for others, and dedication towards sharing resources.


In the January of 2019, we initiated a comprehensive environmental campaign appropriately named “Make a way” where we planted more than 400 saplings in some local villages and barren grounds with the support from our volunteers and interns. It served as a reminder that environmental resources are finite and are susceptible to extinction, therefore, it is our duty to responsibly consume and them and help in replenishing them any way we can. It was a refreshing experience for us, our volunteers, and our interns which broke the monotony of the work environment and made for an unforgettable experience for us. Subsequently, we carried out more social campaigns that catered to the less gifted sections of our society, notably, we prepared meals for over 200 school-going children in India who can’t afford the best facilities. We served those meals in government schools for a whole week where we thoroughly enjoyed the happiness displayed by the children. Similarly, we take part in philanthropic initiatives such as raising money for charities.



One of our core objectives is to cultivate employee satisfaction through their involvement in our CSR initiatives, this provides them with a newer environment to operate in and newer responsibilities to handle. It makes for a break from their general responsibilities and enables them to showcase their skills in a different aspect of their job. Consequently, we see a boost in their productivity and willingness to take up newer, more challenging projects. It also allows us to keep the workplace interesting with multiple events lined up throughout the year where our employees are required to step outside the boundaries of conventional thinking and come up with creative alternatives to execute their objectives in a given budget.


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Black Short is all about bringing a collection of unrivaled quality and excellence beverage alcohol



Black Short is all about bringing a collection of unrivaled quality and excellence beverage alcohol

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