scotsman beer

Scotsman Beer

Date of start up: 2018

Ingredients: Grain Barley base

Story of Scotsman Beer: Since beer is a widely popular drink, we decided to test out all the different kinds of beer that were being in the price bracket that we were going to target with the Scotsman Beer. This allowed us to understand different tastes that brands achieve with their beers and how different types of ingredients affect the overall flavor, texture and aroma of beers. Although we wanted our beers to taste the best and since we don’t settle for anything less, we began our journey searching for the best quality grain that was available to us. We concluded that higher quality grains generally meant paying hefty amount of money and consequently resulting in lesser profit margins. Even though it was a tough decision, we chose to trade profit margin for better quality since we believe that any brand’s reputation takes a massive hit when it chooses profits over its product’s quality. On the other end, we didn’t stop researching for alternatives that would allow us to drop our costs without sacrificing the taste of our beer. Fortunately, we were able to zero in on Barley as our grain of choice. Fermenting this grain with yeast gave our beers the signature taste we worked hard to develop. When it comes to producing alcoholic beverages, the production process has to be meticulous in terms of quality control. We sought to refine various processes involved in the production of our beers like mashing, boiling, fermentation, filtering, and bottling in order to ensure that there is minimal wastage, proper disposal of the residue that is to be discarded, preservation of the taste of our spirits, etc. Our dedication and proactiveness towards our products are what make us one of the most valuable brands. Because we provide premium beverages at a fraction of the total price charged by luxury brands, we have been able to develop a loyal customer base who appreciate our products just as much they appreciate our approach towards different types of beverages.

Motive: Scotsman Beer being one of our first products as we released one-of-a-kind beer gave us the ground to build upon our innovation and gather customer feedback based on the packaging of our beer, taste of our beers compared to the taste of other popular beers which were released by established brands, any improvements that customers would like to see in our next release of beverages and if customers would like to recommend our beers to their friends. We developed parameters that not only acted as pillars for improvement for our subsequent releases but also helped us to gauge customer preferences towards our products. Entering a market requires comprehensive market research and our first few products allow us to understand the trends based on which, we tweak our marketing efforts to promote our products. Our goal is to provide a seamless transition when a customer switches from another brand to ours by incorporating flavors that are easily distinguishable but at the same time, are not too strong.

Goodness: Scotsman beer is a testament to Black Short’s comprehensive research and refinement towards premium and unadulterated beverages that are bound to garner the appreciation for an undying enthusiasm for premium taste. Every ounce of this beer is brewed using the highest standards which is what makes it irresistible. For years, Black Short has defined industry standards when it comes to brewing the impossible and now it’s your chance to be a part of our culture and find out why we make a difference in a market where choices are virtually unlimited. Hailing from India, we have gathered and held our reputation of being one of the most innovative brands with a history that speaks for itself. Experience beers like the way they are meant to be experienced as you become one with a lifestyle that only a few can afford but is envied by everyone.


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Black Short is all about bringing a collection of unrivaled quality and excellence beverage alcohol



Black Short is all about bringing a collection of unrivaled quality and excellence beverage alcohol

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