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Hagship Water

Story of HAGSHIP WATER: Taking from the response to our excellent line of alcohol beverages, Black Short India Ltd. aimed to develop another masterpiece, Hagship water. Hagship water is a fully purified water packed in bottel. Our journey began by finding and sourcing the best quality water that we could find and find a way to make it taste better than the water provided by the best brands. This led us to procure and analyze data regarding the best places to get our raw materials from. After rigorous research and testing various types of water samples, we zeroed in to develop our own water that is carefully aged to give it a healthy water. For our production process, we seek to establish a standard level of control over our raw material, methods used to produce our products, bottling, etc. This enables us to maintain authenticity in our products which further contributes to our beverages having unique taste.

Motive: We added our interpretation of how a water should be to our portfolio of spirits which allowed us to expand our reach and helped us venture into a completely new territory. We gained the experience we needed to further improve our spirits because of our tendency to challenge ourselves to facilitate innovation in whatever we do. Our goal with this one was to fill the market gap to offer the market a premium water that is more than a generic drink. Our research helped us to detect some major opportunities when it comes to a premium brand of water. Using our technology combined with our prior experience of making other types of spirits like whisky, vodka, beer, etc. we had a vision and we were determined to achieve our goals. Since we made something that we were proud of, we focused on presenting it the same way. With a bottle design depicting our approach of simplicity and elegance and rich aroma that is an enthusiast’s dream. We understood the market demands and turned them into opportunities for us that we can avail based on our product quality.


Goodness: Hagship Water.


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Black Short is all about bringing a collection of unrivaled quality and excellence beverage alcohol



Black Short is all about bringing a collection of unrivaled quality and excellence beverage alcohol

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