Stay On

Stay On Deluxe Whisky

Date of Startup: 2018

Ingredients: D.M Water, ENA, Contains Provide Color & Flavor, Malts Spirits & V.M.S

Story of Stay On Whisky: When the initial idea for the Stay On was conceived, we allowed ourselves to think outside the realm of traditional whiskies to potentially develop a taste profile that is unique. Every sip of this whisky represents the work that has been put in by our teams to make this a success. Learning from the progress we made with our previous products, we wanted to position Stay On whiskey as a strong-tasting and impactful whisky that not only breathes life into night sessions but also makes you appreciate its flavor. Our journey has allowed us to gain expertise and learn from our shortcomings which is vital when it comes to creating a brand value that pushes the brand towards sustainability and increased profit margins. We pride ourselves on having one of the most hardworking workforces with industry-relevant experience which shows in the quality of our drinks. We have gone to great lengths to create a pool of recipes to shortlist from in further selection processes and visiting vineyards to gather the knowledge that is now an integral part of our products. Extensive research went into understanding how different ingredients affect the taste of whisky and where to source them. All of this came together to our advantage when we developed our beverages in a way that no one ever could. Starting right from the scratch, we undertook and personally supervised every process to gain maximum control over the quality of our drinks. This resulted in minimal wastage and efficiency that was difficult to achieve had it not been supervised by our team.

Motive: Stay on whiskey aims to blend the nightlife with a life of adventure and courage as Black Short India brings another addition of high-quality premium whiskies. We wanted to capture the Indian market with a line of products where each product is in a class of its own. Given our ambitions, we moved on to set a realistic expectation of Stay On whisky’s performance and continued to work in a positive direction in order to gain traction in the market when it comes to our marketing and positioning our brand. As the competition gets fiercer in the market, we take it upon ourselves to innovate and develop products that are affordable while still maintaining a quality similar to expensive brands. This philosophy of ours compels us to tweak the ratios of ingredients, source the best quality ingredients and make subtle improvements to our products over time that has made us stay relevant in the market. Black Short India limited has paved its way into the mainstream alcohol industry with an increasing number of products that cover every demographic of the market. This has made our consumers cherish our products as we strive to brew beverages that outperform our previous products.


Goodness: This is a culmination of the time and effort that went into making Black Short India hold a candle against the most premium brands out there. We tasked our teams with developing a whiskey variant that induces a feeling of excitement from the people who choose to make it a part of their nights. People who have been a part of our journey know that we don’t settle for a substandard quality and don’t sell products that we don’t believe in. Stay On whiskey, with its heavenly flavor seeks to leave a mark in bars and liquor stores as it’s a completely new approach to whiskies. Stay on is a product of significance in the Black Short’s line of beverages as it passed our taste testing sessions with flying colors. Upon receiving and analyzing the feedback from our partners involved in the sale and distribution of our drinks, we got an overall positive review. This was a testament to the boundaries Black Short has been able to push in the industry when it comes to manufacturing beverages that incorporate innovative recipes and mouth-watering taste profiles. Throughout the years, we have pushed the envelope in the alcohol beverage industry owing to our determination and unparalleled research. As the market matures, Black Short continues to make advancements in various aspects of alcohol beverage production.


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Black Short is all about bringing a collection of unrivaled quality and excellence beverage alcohol



Black Short is all about bringing a collection of unrivaled quality and excellence beverage alcohol

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