Boiling Crowd

Boiling Crowd Premium Whisky

Introduced in: 2018

Ingredients: D.M. Water, ENA, Contains Provide Color & Flavor, Malts Spirits & V.M.S

Story of Boiling Crowd:  Boiling Crowd is another addition to our line of premium beverages. The idea to release another whiskey came up when we wanted to revamp our signature taste of whisky with a different taste and a packaging that represents a whisky made to be consumed in a group. Through a process of continuous brainstorming and visiting suppliers to find the perfect blend of different ingredients, Boiling Crowd was made possible through rigorous efforts towards making sure that this is a level above our previous creations while still keeping it affordable for the average consumer. Hailing from the party tradition and group celebrations, this whisky has come to be the center of attention at every party or get-together. Black Short has always stepped up to provide its audience with authentic taste wine/whisky/beer and we set out to do the same with Boiling Crowd. Right from the packaging to the mesmerizing flavor, everything was well thought out and planned in order to leave minimal room for errors and complaints. Days of testing and shortlisting of ingredients and packaging type were put in to get the perfect match. After the release of Boiling Crowd, we saw an influx of positive feedback from consumers based on their unique tastes. We gathered valuable feedback from our retailers and partners in order to build upon initial consumer impressions of our products. As soon as our products hit the liquor stores across various states, we used the valuable feedback that we got from our consumers to make subtle yet promising improvements in our product specifications. The taste was slightly altered to better fit the market demand and the packaging was made more interesting and informative. We like to acknowledge all the people that added to the chain of a workforce that contributed towards improving our product and became a part of our journey. It is our relationships with our partners that enabled us to progress towards profitability and customer satisfaction bit by bit.

Motive: Black Short has always aimed to provide an unforgettable experience when our consumers make our products a part of their lives. With the Boiling crowd, we are settling for nothing less. Our research and development have ensured that every product that comes out of our breweries is as good as the previous one, if not better. This pursuit of perfection has led us to outdo ourselves when it comes to the distillation and manufacturing process. We constantly find ourselves contemplating how a consumer experiences our products, which compels us to go back to the drawing board and make changes to the things that are fundamental in nature, things that we could only see from a consumer’s viewpoint. The serving sizes, or the shape of our bottles, everything is scrutinized to find shortcomings or scope for improvements in design and in taste. We persistently find ourselves competing with our own expectations of a perfect beverage. Boiling crowd emanates our dedication and will to serve our consumers like no other.


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Black Short is all about bringing a collection of unrivaled quality and excellence beverage alcohol



Black Short is all about bringing a collection of unrivaled quality and excellence beverage alcohol

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