Hagship Beer

Date of start up: 2018

Ingredients: Grain Barley base 


Story of Hagship Beer:

Hagship Beer is another iteration and a different take on beers. With a taste that is slightly tuned towards making it more distinguishable and tuned more towards the market demand, we have effectively achieved a product that manifests our dedication towards a taste that represents class and premium lifestyle. We went to great lengths to make improvements that we considered to be critical when it came to the success of Hagship Beer. Given that we were fairly new to the realm of beers, we took what we knew from our past experienced and combined that with our comprehensive market research and feedback from consumers and retailers in India. This enabled us to realize our shortcomings and after a process of scrutinizing, we went back to the drawing board to work on things like a refreshing taste, pleasant and enhanced aroma, and variety in flavor. We knew that we have had a generally positive response for our products in the past and so we held this reputation of ours as something so valuable that when we began manufacturing the Hagship Beer, we left no stone unturned. In a drive to inspect and upgrade the equipment, we managed to achieve even more efficiency and caused a minor drop in the overall cost used to manufacture our beer. We have always been about innovation and bringing something new to the market. Therefore, we constantly invest in our research and development projects. For our beers, we underwent months of research including finding and recruiting relevant talent, taste-testing various types of beers, and developing a unique taste profile.


Black Short India limited commenced the release of Hagship Beer with high hopes of providing the market a different kind of beer that only can be found in our product lineup. We wanted to position Hagship Beer as a drink for adrenaline junkies with a taste that is as refreshing as it gets. Through the effective use of the resources available to us and through the incorporation of changes we got consumer feedback about, Hagship Beer is set to amaze the party crowd as much as it impresses beer lovers. Learning from our success in India, we serve our target audience with an aim to gather valuable information about how we can make our products perform better than they have performed. As we gather more information, our understanding of the entire market demand gets stronger and that experience shows in the next release of Black Short’s line of beverages. Developing relationships with our suppliers is also our priority as much as developing lasting relationships with our consumers is. It allows us to build a network of quality suppliers and loyal customers based on which we can build a brand that is loved and cherished globally. We want Black Short to be known for its quality and the technology that it deploys to manufacture mouth-watering beverages.


Hagship Beer is the perfect companion for everything from road trips to nightclubs. Serving a niche is of great importance to us with this one as we bring you the best beer you have ever laid your eyes on. With a packaging that allows you to carry your favorite drink in the form of a bottle or a can, we ensure the highest amount of pleasure you’ve experienced from consuming a beer. Made for nights that last with the people worth remembering, Hagship Beers adds a flare to the moments which are gifts that keep on giving. Never has a beer been this premium and affordable at the same time. The perfect package is now available for the young and the ones who never stop. Hagship Beer, the drink that keeps up with the pace of your life.

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