Fire Water Classic Premium Whisky

Date of Startup: 2018

Ingredients: D.M Water, ENA, Contains Provide Color & Flavor, Malts Spirits & V.M.S


Story of Fire Water Whisky: For our very first release, we wanted to enter the market with something that we had a prerequisite knowledge of producing. We take particular interest in whisky and developed a deep understanding of the production process that goes into making our whisky’s the best you’ve ever tasted. We visited various production facilities to gain invaluable knowledge of how different blends can affect the taste of our final product and brainstormed to find the perfect blend for our whiskeys. Another important aspect that goes into making our products a cut above is sourcing our materials from only the best sources, we worked with suppliers and distributors to shortlist the ones that fitted our specifications. Using our dedication and knowledge as the base to propel Black Short India Limited towards the launch of its whiskey, we placed high hopes on its performance since we ensure our products are high quality and made to our specifications through a process of scrutiny and continuous improvements. Fire-Water Whisky represents our will and desire to bring our ideas of the perfect Whisky to life, it represents BSIL’s genius in refining its standards to meet and exceed consumer expectations and what can truly be called a display of class. Getting an understanding of the practices and the trade involved in the alcohol beverage industry allowed us to push ourselves beyond the conventional boundaries and develop methods that will help us gain an edge in the competitive market.


Motive: We are a budding company with an entrepreneurial spirit that sought to capture the Indian market with our own premium blend of Whisky in 2018. The name ‘Fire Water’ caters to the likings of hardcore Whisky enthusiasts. At Black Short India Limited, we planned to pave our way into the bars and liquor stores with our premium branded alcohol beverages as we stood by the quality and work that made Fire Water Whisky possible. This was the stepping stone to our imminent success in the Indian market owing to our work ethic and prompt response to feedback from our customers as we seek to consistently meet our customers’ expectations with our service and product quality. It also enabled us to improve upon the taste into making it our signature taste to create a positive reputation and build upon it over time that made us into what we are today.


Goodness: Containing 42.8% alcohol by volume, this classic grain whisky is here to infuse your life with action. Made for those who just don’t know how to stop. Every sip of the best whisky from the Black Short family is guaranteed to start lasting conversations and an experience that you would never want to forget. Made with high-quality ingredients, this is Black Short’s pride.

This is a culmination of our first adventure into alcoholic beverages, every ingredient has been carefully picked to suit your taste palette. Brewed with a blend of select Indian grain spirits with imported scotch malts, we are going all out with this one! Fire-Water whisky needs no introduction as the consumer feedback says it all. After receiving positive reviews for the Fire Water whisky, it has boosted our confidence to keep evolving this into the best whisky you’ve ever tasted. Fire water is aimed at whiskey lovers who are young inside and out. We understand the process that a consumer goes through to find the perfect drink as it gets challenging with tons of options to go through, that is why we make sure that every one of our products is able to hold a candle to the most expensive brands in the world to end your pursuit of the finest whisky in the business. We live and breathe our passion for brewing our beverages and that is what is represented by our brand philosophy, never backing down from an adventure. So what is going to be your next adventure?


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Black Short is all about bringing a collection of unrivaled quality and excellence beverage alcohol



Black Short is all about bringing a collection of unrivaled quality and excellence beverage alcohol

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